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 Jinan XD Special Transformer Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary
of XD Jinan Transformer Limited Liability Company. 
     XD Jinan Transformer Limited. Liability Company is an enterprise
that has nearly 60 years experience to manufacture transformers. It is
the only vital one in Shandong to produce up to 220kV power
transformers planned by the original Ministry of Machinery, and it’s the
high-new technology enterprise, the national torch project implement...
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  Dry Type Power Transformer
  Dry Type Distribution Transformer
  Dry Type Earthing Transformer
  Amorphous alloy resin casting dry type transformer
  Distribution transformer product introduction
  Box-type substation product introduction
    Welcome to Jinan Jibian Zhiheng Electirc Equipment Co.,Ltd.Website!
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Address: No.12517 Jingshi Xi Road,Jinan,
  ShanDong, China
Code: 250300
Tel: +86-531-85653799
Fax: +86-531-85653766
E-mail: [email protected]
No. 12517 Jingshi Xi Road,Jinan Shandong China. Postal code:250300
Lu ICP Prepare No. 05013620 Make and maintain:Organizational information department of Jinan Zhiheng
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